Monday, 17 May 2010

Tap Dance Music CDs

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Tap Dance Music and some History of Tap Dancing

Royalty free Music to Tap Dance to!

Now you can practice Tap Dancing without stopping and starting as you learn or rehearse tap dance routines. NEW Practice Tap comes in a series of 3CDs. It’s a new concept - as each CD has 3 tracks about 20 minutes long, with approx 10 instrumental tunes in each track, all played at a constant speed or tempo – with no gaps between the tunes. Each track is at a different tempo. Tap Dance Music CDs - three Tap Dance CDs, with three twenty minute tracks at different tempi ...

They are all popular favourites, recorded live in our studio by the Brian Dee trio.

Great to rehearse to – great to dance to - and great to just listen to!

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